Hópferðir Group Tours Terms and conditions.


1. Pricegroup is based on number of seats and quantity of luggage, not by the number of passengers. If a luggage trailer is needed the charge for it is 4.000 ISK per day.

2. On major public holidays an extra fee will be charged for the day, major public holidays are New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Day, Whit Sunday, 17 June, the August Bank Holiday, Christmas Day and the periods after 12:00 noon on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

3. If the tour includes driving on highland routes, marked as a F road, plus Kjölur route and Kaldidalur route an extra fee will be charged for the tour. 10% extra fee is charged for a 4×4 bus.

4. The driver should be provided with full board and accommodation by the lessee.

5. In excursions that do not include two hot meals per day (for example only breakfast, bread and soup for all meals) a half board for the driver will be charged. If no board is included an extra fee of 7.000 ISK per day will be charged.

6. Accommodation for the driver in a single room should be provided otherwise extra 12.000 ISK per night will be charged.

7. 11% VAT is included in the quoted prices.

All rates are based on current purchasing prices in Iceland. Hópferðir ehf. reserves the right to increase prices already quoted in the event of currency fluctuation, government taxes, or due to any other cost increases that are outside Hópferðir ehf. control. Hópferðir ehf. reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time.

This pricelist is valid from 1. January 2016 to 31. December 2016


All prices quoted or shown in our price list are based on current purchasing prices. Hópferðir ehf. reserves the right to increase prices already quoted or published in our price lists without notice in the event of currency fluctuation, government taxes, or due to any other cost increases that are outside the control of Hópferðir ehf.

After the invoice has been issued the price is guaranteed against any surcharge, unless the increase is due to government laws or currency changes. Tips/gratuities, baggage or personal insurance, beverages, food, or any other services not described in the product’s description and all other purchases of a personal nature are not included in the price. Parking fees, admission fees or entrance fees are not included in the price unless otherwise stated.


Bookings must be made by e-mail to Hópferðir ehf. – hopferdir@hopferdir.is All requests for modifications/amendments must be sent by email to Hópferðir ehf. Hópferðir ehf. cannot be held responsible for any problem that may happen if the customer does not receive or read carefully his confirmation.


Hópferðir ehf. will request 50% of the total package price 8 weeks prior to arrival. Full payment shall reach Hópferðir ehf. at least 4 weeks prior to arrival. In case of any delay on these payments, Hópferðir ehf will reserve the right to take appropriate actions and treat this as a cancellation and withdraw the confirmation of all the services. To avoid any of these inconveniencies, a bank statement of the payment should be sent as soon as the payment is done to Hópferðir ehf. Hópferðir ehf. is aware of the delays due to money transfers between countries.


All cancellations must be made by email. Please note that cancellations of passengers within a group may cause a price increase for the group or a cancellation fee for those particular passengers. Except otherwise stated, tour or package or any product cancelled without due notice are subjected to a cancellation fee according to the following scale :

Cancellation of group bookings must reach Hópferðir ehf 8 weeks before arrival. – 8-4 weeks 10% of the total amount will be charged – 4 weeks 50% of the total amount will be charged – 2 weeks or less 80% of the total amount will be charged – 24 hours or less prior to booked arrival date: 100% of total amount will be charged.

This is valid as well for “no shows”.


Hópferðir ehf. assumes no liability for injury, loss, damage, accident, sickness, delay, changes in schedules caused by weather conditions, or any irregularities or inconveniences which may occur either by reason of defect, or as acts of government or other civil authorities (war, civil disturbances, strikes, etc.) or from any cause beyond Hópferðir’s control. In case of any changes in flights (domestic and international), extra hotel nights, meals, transfers etc.,the customer bears full responsibility for the payment of any additional fees and costs as a result of the changes, at the time the service is provided. 


Hópferðir strongly recommends that all tour participants obtain a travel insurance for such items as trip cancellation, medical care, baggage loss or damage and any injury or accident that might occur during their stay in Iceland and during optional tours, such as riding tours, snow scooter tours and so on…

Hópferðir is not responible for damage or loss of luggage or personal belongings of passengers even if they are based in the coach. Therefor it is strongly recommended that all participants obtain an insurance of luggage. On the other hand, Hópferðir guarantees that all the insurances, that the Icelandic state requires from tour operators and travel agencies, are available. If the customer is not satisfied with the trip to Iceland, he/she must inform Hópferðir ehf. within 90 days after their departure from Iceland. Otherwise a possible compensation is not valid.


All disputes arising out of or relating to this agreement shall be resolved in the District Court of Reykjavík, Iceland.


 General Terms And Conditions 

These terms and conditions, as may be amended from time to time, apply to all our services made available through whatever means, including our office or online, through any mobile device, by telephone or by email. By using services provided by Hópferðir ehf. and/or by completing a reservation you acknowledge and agree having read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below.   

Hopferdir.is.is is the online booking site and trading name of Hópferðir ehf. The company’s registered head office is at Stórhöfði 23, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland. Please note that in some cases, our partner‘s (accommodations, car rentals etc.) terms also apply.   

Scope of Service 

 Through the website we provide an online platform through which various types of Tour Packages that may include one or all of the following; temporary accommodation (for example hotels, hostels and bed & breakfasts, collectively the “accommodation(s)”), a rental car or admission to Attractions. By making a reservation through Hopferdir.is you enter into a direct and legally binding contractual relationship with the accommodation provider, car rental and other service providers at which you book.   


The Terms and Conditions will form the contract between Hópferðir ehf. and the person making/paying for the booking. Any booking made or order placed by you, whether through the company’s website or otherwise, shall be deemed as an offer by you to purchase the relevant package or other travel arrangement subject to these booking conditions. No contract shall come into existence until Hópferðir ehf. has received payment and issued its confirmation invoice. The person who makes the booking accepts these conditions on behalf of all members of the party and is responsible for all payment due from the party.

Booking services with Hópferðir ehf. are currently only available to persons who are at least 18 years old.   

Rental car qualifications 

 Minimum rental age is 21 years. Renters, including additional authorized vehicle operators, must present a valid national driver’s licence, a credit card in the renter’s name and/or identification displaying your photograph and scanned signature and accompanying paper documents. These requirements may vary from time to time and additional requirements may apply in certain cases, depending on the terms of each car rental. In those cases, the terms specific to the special feature control to the extent there is a conflict with these Terms and Conditions.   


All rates quoted or shown on our website are displayed including VAT and all other taxes and are subject to change without notice in the event of currency fluctuation, government taxes or any such cost increase that is beyond Hópferðir ehf.’s control. Obvious errors, mistakes and misprints are not binding and we reserve the right to refuse, cancel, amend or limit any order placed at an incorrect price. Hópferðir ehf. reserves the right to notify you of any increase to prices already published in our pricelists, brochures or website. Any eventual changes in rates will not be made without at least eight weeks’ notice. After a final invoice has been issued by Hópferðir ehf., the price is guaranteed against any surcharge, unless an increase is due to government laws or currency changes.   


Payment with a credit card is required to make a reservation. Hópferðir ehf. accepts major credit cards and payment can be made through our website. Hópferðir ehf. charges the full amount at the time of booking. All payment receipts and travel documents are issued by email after Hópferðir ehf. has booked your trip.   


For all cancellations, Hópferðir ehf. will make every effort to ensure the best protection for you. However, late cancellation can result in compensation claims from hotels and other independent service providers. All cancellations must be sent directly to Hópferðir ehf. in writing, by letter or e-mail to hopferdir@Hopferdir.is in conformity with business practices within the Icelandic travel industry. 10% of the price of your tour is non refundable, this percentage reflects our cost of booking and preparing your tour. In accordance with standard business practices of the travel industry in the Nordic countries, Hópferðir ehf. is obliged to charge customers cancellation fees at a percentage of the full price, as follows:    

  Cancellation Charges:

• A booking fee of 20% is non refundable.

• If cancelled less than 8 weeks and more than 6 weeks prior to start of tour, 60% is refunded.

• If cancelled less than 6 weeks and more than 4 weeks prior to start date of tour: 40% is refunded.

• If cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to the tour: no refund.

• No-show at pickup: no refund

Please note that cancellation rules are stricter than normal for the following services: international and domestic flights, day tours that include flights, accommodation at ice- or snow hotels, bus tickets and cruises. Therefore, Hópferðir ehf. cannot refund any of these services booked through us. Some of our packages have stricter cancellation rules, and in those cases the information will be stated in the package details online. Please note that cancellation by passenger(s) within a group may either result in a price increase for the whole group or a cancellation fee being charged to the passenger(s) who has cancelled. We strongly recommend that all our clients purchase comprehensive Travel Insurance plan to avoid dispute in case of cancellation. If Hópferðir ehf. cancels your tour package a full refund will be issued to all registered participants. On occasion it may be necessary to amend certain arrangements of a tour package, which Hópferðir ehf. reserves the right to do at any time. If a major change occurs a client will be informed at Hópferðir’s earliest convenience. In the rare event of a change due a double booking, or other sufficient reason, Hópferðir ehf. reserves the right to provide an alternative of a similar og superior category than of the hotel originally booked, located within the same area.   

Changes in booking 

All costs associated with changes made after travel has commenced must be borne by the client. All requests for changes to a booking must be made in writing from the person who submitted the booking. An administration fee of 2500 ISK will be charged to the credit card used for the original booking for each day/night of the itinerary that is modified in addition to any additional supplier costs incurred by the change(s) requested. However, the administration fee will be waived if changes are requested within 30 days of the date of booking. Furthermore, for bookings made within 60 days of arrival, changes can be made without incurring an administration fee until the confirmation/travel documents have been sent. Additional supplier costs may still apply depending on the change(s) requested. A booking may be transferred from one party to another, provided that the new party upholds the conditions of the booking. An administration fee of 2500 ISK will be charged for the transfer, and both parties must assume joint liability for this fee and any other costs that may be incurred to the booking.      

Limitations of Liability 

Hópferðir ehf. as the tour operator is solely responsible for selecting independent service providers that provide the component parts included in each package tour described on the website, e.g. accommodations, car rentals, transfers etc. Hópferðir ehf. does not operate, own, control or acts as an agent for any of such independent service providers, and can therefore not be held liable for any injury to person, loss or damage to property caused by reason of any act or omission, intentional negligence or otherwise by such third party service provider. Hópferðir ehf. disclaims no responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents, sickness or changes in schedules caused by weather, strikes or any other irregularity outside Hópferðir ehf.'s control. Hópferðir ehf. reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries and/or departure times, without prior notice, should the necessity arise. In case of any changes in flights (domestic and international), the passenger has to bear any additional cost caused by this himself, at the time the service is provided (extra hotel nights, meals, transfers, etc). Please take full responsibility for your own security and personal insurance. We highly recommend the purchase of a Travel Insurance protection plan, as clients are on their own responsibility on tours purchased through Hópferðir ehf..   

Comments and complaints 

Hópferðir strives to provide excellent customer service and emphasize on maintaining strict quality monitoring. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your tour package in whole or the service rendered by Hópferðir or any of the independent service providers please do not hesitate to inform us about it. We recommend you contact us as soon as any incident arises. If you are unable to do so at the time, you must advise Hópferðir ehf. in writing within 30 days of the end of your tour package. Shall you fail to do so, your right to compensation may be jeopardized. All information on the website is subject to change and Hópferðir ehf. reserves the right to alter and update information and correct mistakes that may possibly appear on the website or published price lists. Hópferðir ehf. strives to ensure accuracy of information and descriptions. However, due to Hópferðir ehf. being unable to control all components of rendered service by independent service providers and advertised facilities may be changed or withdrawn, Hópferðir ehf. cannot accept liability for loss of advertised facility or other minor variations in components of services rendered by independent service providers.